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Uvonair - озонаторы для очистки воздуха и устранения запахов


Uvonair - озонаторы для очистки воздуха и устранения запахов 07950
Устранение Запаха
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When used responsibly, ozone is proven to kill 99.99% of harmful viruses and bacteria (like SARS), and may be beneficial in combatting the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

  • Use Uvonair® Room Models with a timer to sanitize/sterilize rooms at safe levels.

Uvonair® Ozone Generators are:

  • Over 20 Years Proven & Tested!
  • Backed Under Warranty!
  • Approved to UL Safety Standards!

NOTE: Most ozonators in the marketplace are not proven or tested to UL standards!

Are you sure your odor is being eliminated? Be sure with UVONAIR®! The ONLY choice for quality INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH ODOR ELIMINATORS! It doesn't just mask odors, IT DESTROYS IT!

Uvonair® odor eliminators generate ozone, one of nature’s most effective oxidizing agents! Ozone safely alters the molecular structure of offensive micro-organisms, to eliminate odors.

The Uvonair® UV Room Model is an economical system that produces ozone using special ultraviolet light bulbs.

  • UV protected polycarbonate body for maximum durability
  • Ideal for rooms from 1000 cu.ft. up to 5000 cu.ft.
  • Operates for less than a 100 watt light bulb!
  • Works in areas with high HUMIDITY
  • Works in a wide range of TEMPERATURES
  • SANITIZES grow rooms
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY creating no hazardous waste!
  • Full one year warranty
  • No maintenance required

Uvonair® UltraViolet Room Models:

  • Uvonair® 1000 - for areas up to 1000 cubic feet (30 m3)
  • Uvonair® 3000 - for areas up to 3000 cubic feet (90 m3)
  • Uvonair® 5000 - for areas up to 5000 cubic feet (150 m3)

The Leader In Hydroponic Ozonation! Engineered, Built & Guaranteed by Years of Ozone Generation Experience!


  • Place the Uvonair® Odor Eliminator on a high shelf in the room. Ozone is heavier than air.
  • Keep both ends free from obstruction.
  • Follow manufacturers’ instructions regarding the use of extension cords and timers.
  • Use caution to keep all electrical connections dry.


  • The Uvonair® model should be selected to suit the room size.
  • If using a larger unit than recommended, use a timer to adjust the operating time accordingly.
  • Disconnect unit prior to servicing.



Can Ozone's Effectiveness in Killing SARS Coronavirus Combat COVID-19?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that cause illnesses ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). Since ozone has been proven to kill 99.999 percent of pathogens in the air, including SARS Coronavirus and influenzas such as H5N1, researchers believe that ozone may be an important and effective tool in combatting and neutralizing the new stronger strand Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), which has a similar makeup to SARS.

Ozone is nature’s cleanser. It is naturally formed by lightning through a process called "Corona Discharge" as well as by "UV Light" from the sun and can be found within the stratospheric layer of our atmosphere known as the “Ozone Layer." Generated, "High Energy", UltraViolet or Electricity strikes Oxygen (O2) molecules forcing the two atoms to split and collect a third, creating Ozone (O3). When ozone, encounters a pathogen, one of the oxygen atoms separates, pierces the cell wall of the pathogen and destroys it.

Ozone destroys viruses (which are composed of small particles made up of crystals) by attacking the nucleic acid core, thus damaging the viral RNA. After the ozone destroys and purifies these particles, the ozone dissipates and reverts back to healthy breathable oxygen with zero harmful by-products. In past studies, 99 percent of viruses have been destroyed and showed damage to their envelope proteins after 30 seconds of exposure to ozone. Since COVID-19 is an enveloped virus, exposure to ozone may result in the virus's failure to attach to normal, healthy cells, and the breakdown of the single-stranded RNA can lead to the destruction of the virus.

For decades, ozone has been the safest and most cost-effective option for protecting people by killing dangerous viruses, bacteria and other threats in homes and businesses. It is the strongest disinfectant available to the public. The FDA, USDA and EPA have approved ozone as an antimicrobial disinfectant. Ozone is 3,000 times faster and 50% more powerful than bleach, kills Staph, Salmonella, E.coli, Listeria, Strep, MRSA, mold, mildew, bacteria and viruses on impact without any chemical residue left behind.

Ozone Environmental Technologies have been manufacturing Commercial/Industrial Uvonair® Ozonators since 1994. Our Uvonair® UltraViolet (UV) and Corona Discharge (CD) ozone generating product lines provide ultimate air deodorizing and purification for a variety of applications.



Uvonair® 1000, 3000, 5000 are SOLELY FOR INDUSTRIAL USE* and are to be used by professionals in controlled areas where people are not physically present for prolonged periods of time.

The intended use of this product is for:

  • Odor and smoke control in the Hotel Industry.
  • Odor and smoke control in the Vehicle Reconditioning Industry.
  • And other industrial uses where people do not typically occupy the space.


Ozone in concentrations above .05 ppm may be injurious to human health.


Uvonair® In-Duct systems - UV80H, CD800, CD1000-1, CD1000-2 and CD1200 are designed to be used SOLELY FOR INDUSTRIAL USE* as a physically integrated part of a central heating / Air conditioning, or VENTILATION SYSTEM. Once installed, in-line, with the existing HVAC system, all concentrations of ozone are safely exhausted leaving no residual harmful concentrations of ozone in the room.


Uvonair 1000 - до 30 м3 (0)
Uvonair 3000 - до 90 м3 (0)
Uvonair 5000 - до 150 м3 (0)
Uvonair - озонаторы для очистки воздуха и устранения запахов
Uvonair - озонаторы для очистки воздуха и устранения запахов
Uvonair - озонаторы для очистки воздуха и устранения запахов

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