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Super Sativa Seed Club - Fat Pete's Cookies Auto (auto/fem.)


Super Sativa Seed Club - Fat Pete's Cookies Auto (auto/fem.) 07586
Super Sativa Seed Club
Price : 80 EURIn stock

Fat Pete's Cookies Auto

In the 1980’s Dutch cannabis breeders wanted to improve European quality levels with the infusion of new USA cannabis genetics. Some emerging USA strains were reputed to have some particularly high quality and unusual genetics, so Karel send his friend fat Pete to NYC. After harassing High Times for way too long, fat Pete got his hands on some seeds called Williams Wonder. This strain, amongst others like Mexican Rudy, was used to create the first ever autoflower strain called “Low Ryder”. So you could say that the Super Sativa autoflower gene bank is based on the same winning foundations as the original Low Ryder.

To create Fat Pete’s Cookies we crossed a very fruity and potent autoflower with Auto Cookies. The outcome was crossed with our Auto Creeper. The best plants were selected and backcrossed to stabilise this strain. The result is a very productive and potent autoflower strain with a wonderfully strong effect. It’s clear that there are two pheno’s, one is a bit more Cookie and the other one way more fruity. The plants can grow really tall (1 - 2 m) with fat, frosty blooms and a deliciously sweet taste. She's very bushy with a lot of side branches and therefore single plants can produce bumper harvests. The Super Sativa test team was over the moon about this strain and the fruity tropical pheno in particular was much appreciated.

By growing Fat Pete’s Cookies you will be assured of top quality weed around 12 weeks after germination. If you want a heavy yielding auto with THC levels over 20% and an easy grow then Fat Pete’s Cookies is just what you need!


  • Flowering period: 12-13 weeks life cycle
  • Genetic: Indica / Sativa Hybrid
  • Size: XL Plant
  • Weight: XL
  • THC: High
  • Taste: Fruity, spicey, fresh
  • Effect: Strong uplifting effect and very stoned after a couple of smokes

Tips from the Super Sativa Seed Club Master Breeder

Autoflower strains hate cold temperatures which will slow down the growth cycle. Indoor temperatures of 20ºC-25ºC are optimum. Be very careful watering/feeding your plants in the first few weeks. Excess nutrients/water can permanently stunt a young auto, messing up the entire grow. Treat autoflower strains with a bit of love and passion and they will love you in return! We advise all growers to use organic nutrients to achieve the cleanest and best tasting weed.

Бренд:Super Sativa Seed Club
Автоцветущие феминизированные:auto/fem.
Количество семян в упаковке
8 fem. (0)
Super Sativa Seed Club - Fat Pete's Cookies Auto (auto/fem.)
Super Sativa Seed Club - Fat Pete's Cookies Auto (auto/fem.)
Super Sativa Seed Club - Fat Pete's Cookies Auto (auto/fem.)
Super Sativa Seed Club - Fat Pete's Cookies Auto (auto/fem.)
Super Sativa Seed Club - Fat Pete's Cookies Auto (auto/fem.)
Super Sativa Seed Club - Fat Pete's Cookies Auto (auto/fem.)

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