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Silent Seeds (ex Dinafem) - Critical Jack Auto (auto/fem.)


Silent Seeds (ex Dinafem) - Critical Jack Auto (auto/fem.) 08438
Silent Seeds (ex Dinafem)
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Critical Jack Auto

Critical Jack Auto is a premium feminised autoflowering collection cannabis seed with a slight Indica dominance. It is an autoflowering cannabis hybrid that is very popular with the public and legal growers alike. The reason? The supreme quality of its resinous flowers, as well as its 'exceptional' production capacity for the category. In addition, she has a good level of resistance to moisture and pests. In short, this is the fabulous auto version of the great Critical Jack.

Structural development:

Critical Jack Auto is a cannabis strain that was originally created by the famous Spanish collection seed bank Dinafem Seeds. The Silent-Seeds team is proud to be able to offer you the original version of this historic automatic cannabis plant! The parent line she comes from is more than a guarantee of quality, as she is the result of the union of two legends: Critical + 2.0 and Haze 2.0 Autoflowering. When growing Critical Jack Auto collection cannabis seeds, you can see a beautiful structural robustness, which suggests a very high production potential. In addition, we observe a very fast development and an incomparable vigour. A legendary mix for unrivalled performance.


Critical Jack Auto collection cannabis seeds are a real blessing for any enthusiast or legal cannabis producer. With a minimum of care, you'll get generous harvests and thick, compact, resinous, elongated flowers (up to 500 g/m2 indoors and up to 250 g/plant outdoors). The level of quality demonstrated by Critical Jack Auto collection cannabis seeds is far above what is usually found in the automatic category.

Aromas and flavours:

Critical Jack Auto is a cannabis plant that perfectly reflects the great qualities of Original Critical Jack. Indeed, her complex aroma profile is a blend of subtle citrus, cedar, mixed spice and Haze notes. Critical Jack Auto is a cannabis strain that demonstrates a broad, full and simply delicious spectrum. Whether in flower or extract form, Critical Jack Auto is a cannabis hybrid that leaves no one indifferent, a concentrate of quality.


Critical Jack Auto is a cultivar for anyone looking for a high potency, physically and mentally balanced, long-lasting automatic cannabis strain. The most demanding will find it hard to believe that it is possible to get this level of quality from an automatic cannabis collection seed. Critical Jack Auto is an ideal cannabis hybrid for sharing good times with friends, listening to music, or simply relaxing to your heart's content.

Growing tips:

Critical Jack Auto is accessible to most people because it is easy to grow. In addition, she is fast and of high quality. Whether indoors or outdoors, Critical Jack Auto is an automatic cannabis plant that adapts perfectly to the habitat provided. You only need to follow a few simple specific tips to get the best results from Critical Jack Auto collection cannabis seeds. This is the reason why we advise you to: - Add 30% coconut fibre to your soil mix. This will improve the oxygenation of the substrate. - Use a large pot from the start (between 14 and 20 L).

Бренд:Silent Seeds
Автоцветущие феминизированные:auto/fem.
Период цветения:70-80 дней от семени
Соотношение Indica / Sativa:60% Indica / 40% Sativa
Генетика:Critical + 2.0 x HAZE 2.0 Auto
Период сбора урожая при выращивании на открытом воздухе под солнцем (outdoor):с раннего Апреля до позднего Октября
Высота при уличном выращивании (см.):0,5-1 метр
Урожайность Indoor:450-500 грамм с квадратного метра при лампах HPS 600W
Урожайность Outdoor:100-250 грамм с куста
Выращивание:Indoor, Outdoor
Количество семян в упаковке
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5 fem. (0)
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Silent Seeds (ex Dinafem) - Critical Jack Auto (auto/fem.)

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