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Homegrown Natural Wonders - Jack Straw (reg.)


Homegrown Natural Wonders - Jack Straw (reg.) 08232
Homegrown Natural Wonders
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Jack Straw

it is an excellent Sativa plant, very productive and potent. This Sativa dominance translates into a stimulating effect that will help you in your daily activities. To create Jack Straw, the team crossed a Homegrown Natural Wondersl's Touch of Grey female clone with its famous Jack The Ripper male. Touch of Grey is a clone from American clinics, which is a hybrid between the Super Silver Haze genetics and Sweet Tooth.

In moderate doses, Jack Straw brings some relaxing energy while alleviating the pain. In high doses, the effects will make you feel slightly anxious. For medicinal use , the patient may regularly consume small amounts of Jack Straw from the morning, which will allow them to have a better day and relieve pain while remaining active.

Therefore, if you consume Homegrown Natural Wonders's Jack Straw when you are tired or sleep deprived, this will send you straight to bed. Sometimes the body requires us to tell it what it needs, and Jack Straw could be the perfect marjijuana for that.


  • Jack Straw plants have 4 main phenotypes, including a Jack The Ripper dominant phenotype, large and elongated. The other phenos - with Touch of Grey dominance - are smaller and more robust. Homegrown Natural Wonders suggests pruning the apex of the plants, to give it a bushy shape of about 80 cm tall. Two very similar aromas are reported; the first one looks like a lemon scented Haze, while the second is more like a very sugary haze. Earthy flavors may also be found.


  • Medium - Tall


  • Medium - High

Recommended Growing Location:

  • Indoor and Outdoor

Harvest Time:

  • 63-70 days

Sativa/Indica Percentages:

  • 80/20


  • Touch of Grey X Jack The Ripper

May Help With:

  • Anxiety, depression, attention deficit disorders, pain, nausea, and also for ailments resulting from chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
Бренд:Homegrown Natural Wonders
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Homegrown Natural Wonders - Jack Straw (reg.)

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