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Brothers Grimm Seeds - Apollo 13 (reg.)


Brothers Grimm Seeds - Apollo 13 (reg.) 05297
Brothers Grimm Seeds
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Apollo 13

Circa 1998, our strain description for Apollo 13 read as follows:

Apollo 13: This skunky girl will make your eyes water with her pungent perfume. The delicate balance of Indica/Sativa makes Apollo 13 perfect for growers limited to a single strain. The long, fat colas and sparkling, sticky side branches really weigh in at harvest time. This is the type of smoke you can’t hold down; it expands and blasts off from the lungs. The high is clear and cerebral, without a hint of paranoia. Her citrus flavor and happy high make Apollo 13 very popular at parties! Two hits and you can leave your own footprints on the moon. Flowering: 45-55 days. Height: 120-150 cm. Yield: 400 gm/m2.

It’s remarkable the number of references to Apollo 13 that come up in discussions of elite cannabis still today. The plants are prized for the varied, but always outstanding phenotypes. Many growers continued to breed Apollo 13 for several generations with excellent results.

We salute the underground network of Apollo lovers that kept clones of their finest plants thriving for over a dozen years with this new version of the classic Apollo 13. We crossed our highly prized original Apollo mother, Genius to a P75 male which we grew out from vintage seeds that MrSoul had stashed away. The variations in phenotypes we’ve grown from this batch of seeds all share the major defining traits of the best Apollo 13. A good yielder of very potent weed with a clear, sativa high – a speedy, thought-provoking, motivational weed.

Flowering Time:

We recommend 55-60 days of 12/12 flowering.


Flowered at 12-18 inches, the finished plant will be approximately 36 inches. Apollo 13 has a squat profile with short internodes and thick branches supporting dense, resinous buds. All along her branches, Apollo 13 makes tight, frosty buds shaped like rhinoceros’ horns.

How Does it Smoke?

Crush a bud between your fingers, you get a whiff of skunky, diesel fuel, tropical aroma. When you light it up, that same flavor hits your taste buds. The high is seriously speedy, thought-provoking and paranoia inducing.

Growing Notes:

You can grow these as multi-headed bushes in tomato cages, as SROG. We let them grow into a single dominant cola shape and put one stake up the center of the plant and give the branches ample support.


We yield 85-110 dry gramms from a 120 cm. plant. Average to Good yield.


Genius x P75

Бренд:Brothers Grimm Seeds
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Brothers Grimm Seeds - Apollo 13 (reg.)
Brothers Grimm Seeds - Apollo 13 (reg.)
Brothers Grimm Seeds - Apollo 13 (reg.)
Brothers Grimm Seeds - Apollo 13 (reg.)

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