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Aficionado French Connection - Super Melon Bowl (fem.)


Aficionado French Connection - Super Melon Bowl (fem.) 07295
Aficionado French Connection
Price : 155 EUR

Super Melon Bowl

On the one hand there is Sangria acting as a mother, it is a cross between two plants more than recognized in the US Mendocino cannabis scenario. From here comes In The Pines x Forbidden Fruit genetics, a delicacy that intoxicates the palate with a powerful citric orange flavour that makes your taste buds dance.

On the other hand acting as a father is Sorbetto. In this case a 4th generation selection, the number 101. Sorbetto holds in its genetic heritage varieties such as Sunset Sherbet, Zkittlez and Magnum Opus in F10. This variety has been awarded with different cups in 4 countries and 2 continents, which certainly ensures the enormous quality of this marijuana plant also ideal for the development of new and powerful marijuana hybrids.

Super Melon Bowl strain, productive and with high THC

Super Melon Bowl is an 85/25 Indica Sativa hybrid. It is a strain that shows a vigorous growth with a Sativa plant structure. It can be cultivated in hydroponic systems, soil substrate or coconut where its vigour is even more accentuated.

It is a variety that responds well to topping pruning in order to develop shrub-like plants. It can also be cultivated using the mainlining technique where the main tip is cut to enhance lateral ramification development.

It has a flowering period of about 9 weeks, during which a wave of trichomes bathes all the compact flowers. Flowers that remain totally white by the resin glands accumulated. It is a veritable plant for resin extraction. It offers a high buds production with a yield of up to 650g per m2.

The flowers are ready to harvest outdoors at the end of September, offering a high production of buds tight as stones and coated in resin. It offers a high yield that can exceed 1000g per plant with high THC levels, as long as optimal growing conditions are provided.

Super Melon Bowl, refreshing fresh melon

Super Melon Bowl brings out Charentais melon aroma, a variety notable for a melon flavour with citric and caramel touches. The melon flavour has a great presence in the mouth, accompanied by powerful caramel layers. It is certainly a delicious dessert after a good dinner.

It produces a hybrid plant effect, with a clear and powerful Sativa high in a relaxed background as in the strongest Indicas. It will leave pacified anyone who dares with it.

Its high buds production, large extractions return and powerful effect and flavour make it a true variety for those growers looking for a plant with all best requirements and also a refreshing summer flavour.

Aficionado French Connection Super Melon Bowl info:

  • Type: Feminised cannabis seed
  • Genetics: (Forbidden Fruit x In The Pine) x Sorbetto
  • Indica Sativa hybrid
  • Indoor flowering: 9 weeks
  • Outdoor harvest: End of September
  • Indoor yield: 650g per m2
  • Outdoor yield: >1000g per plant
  • THC: High
Бренд:Aficionado French Connection
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