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Brothers Grimm Seeds - Cinderella 99 (reg.)


Brothers Grimm Seeds - Cinderella 99 (reg.) 05299
Brothers Grimm Seeds
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Cinderella 99

When Brothers Grimm shut down in 2002, the original Cinderella 99 seed stock was quickly depleted and unavailable until their resurrection in 2016. During the dozen or so years that passed between, C99 became more than just popular, it reached cult status as the “Holy Grail” of indoor marijuana.

Many attempts were made by other breeders to copycat the strain, but none ever hit the mark. MrSoul decided in 2015 to retrieve his famous clone “Princess” and the cache of seeds he’d saved from Brothers Grimm in 2002. He grew the seeds to select a P94 generation male and then pollinated Princess exactly as he’d done in 1999 to create the original Cinderella 99 seeds.

The resulting plants have been extensively grown and tested in 2016 and found to satisfy the pickiest grower’s expectations of stable, reliable phenotype. The seedlings have very little variation, having been bred for uniformity – they grow with similar scents, flowering time, potency, yield, and growth structure. And the finished buds will impress any weed connoisseur’s demands for bag appeal, flavor and quality of high.

The dried, cured flowers are rich in terpenes ranging from sweet tropical fruit, to stinky rotten cheese… sometimes all in the same bud – the flavors and aromas are sublime. And of course, there’s the famous C99 high – devastatingly psychoactive, yet clear – you’ll feel like getting creative, playing music, or making art.

Flowering Time:

Cinderella 99 likes 56-65 days of 12/12. Pistils should all be withered and the resin heads have all gone cloudy/milky at harvest time.


Flowered at 12-18 inches tall, the finished plant will be approximately 36-48 inches tall. Expect frosty tight buds with tropical fruity terpenes.

How Does it Smoke?

The properly cured bud feels sticky and pliable between your fingers. On the nose, you get a kind of Hawaiian Punch scent but with a funky body odor undertone. When you light it up, that fruity flavor hits your taste buds first, then the funky aftertaste. The high is smooth, strong and energetic. On the other hand, it can also be paranoia-inducing, depending your mood and setting.

Growing Notes:

C99 is a fast flowering plant needing plenty of light and nutrients, she also likes extra calcium. We grow C99 as multi-headed bushes with tomato cages or stakes for support. They also work well in a SOG or SCROG arrangement.


We harvest 4-5 ounces of primo buds from a 48-inch-tall plant. Above average yield.


Princess x P94. See “The Cinderella Story” for details.

Бренд:Brothers Grimm Seeds
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Brothers Grimm Seeds - Cinderella 99 (reg.)
Brothers Grimm Seeds - Cinderella 99 (reg.)
Brothers Grimm Seeds - Cinderella 99 (reg.)
Brothers Grimm Seeds - Cinderella 99 (reg.)

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